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3D installation

  • Laying of the tiles starts with fitting together the corner tiles marked 3 and the edge tiles marked 2.
  • In the next step, the tiles marked 1 are fitted together. The different types of side are a decisive factor here. We have indicated sides with the same characteristics respectively in green (letter a) and blue (letter b). Different sides are fit together in each case. The positive connection elements are linked to the negative connection elements here.
  • After the pieces of the puzzle have been connected together, the surface must be completed by means of edge and corner tiles. More information about this topic and removal of the 3D intermediate elements is provided next.

Removal of 3d intermediate elements

The tiles marked 1 can be linked via their green or blue side to edge tiles. When linking the blue sides, make sure to first cut out the edge tiles’ 3D intermediate elements marked red.

Cutting out the 3D intermediate elements is easiest from below.


Dimensions of 62 x 62 cm should be planned for during loading of puzzle mat 3Ds on pallets. During laying, dimensions of 55 x 55 cm should be planned for. A value of 0.3025 m² can be used for calculating areas. If no cutting is planned, it is advisable to take into account the width of the border and corner tiles.

unit of measure: mm
unit of measure: inch