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Patented product.Puzzle Mat 3D®

Easy installation:
No glue.
No plastic dowels.
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Our latest product development

Inter-connectable 3d fall-protection tiles

Gum-tech’s fall-protection „puzzle mat 3D” is a new product type in our fall-protection series.

Feedback from our customers in recent years has convinced us to go new ways and develop a tile which is easier to install, thus not only saving labour costs but also preventing application faults.


The proven method of linking fall-protection tiles with plug-type connectors / plastic dowels has the advantage of holding the tiles together firmly. However, disadvantages of this method are the amount of work needed, and the potential fault sources. If the tiles are not laid exactly side by side or plug-type connectors are forgotten, this can result in wide gaps and joints which can shift the tiles in the long run.

Unevennesses on the area of use are another risk. Such unevennesses can occur especially with gravel, crushed stone and soil, as well as older concrete surfaces. If these are not corrected professionally, fall-protection tiles and their plug-type connectors can slide out of place, even to the point where the connectors break. The unaesthetic gaps and overlaps arising in such cases can even cause accidents.

The 3D solution

Puzzle mat 3D offers a new kind of solution here. The puzzle elements can be simply fit together to result in a precisely predefined joint width. Puzzle links alone would not solve the problems already described. For this reason, our technicians have developed 3D intermediate elements (see drawing 1) so that the tiles are connected not only horizontally, but also vertically.

The developed 3D intermediate elements and typical connection elements of the puzzle together form a unit. Additional dovetailing stabilizes this unit. Knobs installed on the positive connection elements form a link here with the respective indentations on the negative connection elements (see drawing 2). With regard to the previously described problems with conventional tiles, no faults are introduced during installation in this case. The spacings are automatically identical, and plug-type connectors are not required.

To prevent costly trimming, we have also included edge and corner tiles which allow neat and accurate closure of the total surface (see drawing 3).
If pits or bulges arise on the surface intended for utilization, the 3D puzzle tiles adapt to the substrate and are not pulled apart. Like all our fall-protection products, puzzle mat 3D is water-permeable, robust, anti-slip and incorporates proven basic materials from Gum-tech.

Drawing 1
Drawing 2
Drawing 3